Watch Exclusive Pictures Of Karan Aujla’s All New House, Being Built At The Same Location Of The Old House

Watch Exclusive Pictures Of Karan Aujla's All New House, Being Built At The Same Location Of The Old House

Karan Aujla, the man who has earned himself the name ‘Geetan Di Machine’ because of his remarkable contribution to the Punjabi Music Industry, is finally building his dream house at his birthplace, Ghurala.

Karan hails from the village of Ghurala, which falls in the Khanna Tehsil of District Ludhiana in Punjab. The village has got unimaginable recognition as being ‘Karan Aujla’s Village’. Connected to his roots, Karan Aujla has decided to build his new house (Kothi) at the same location as his old house.

Instead of demolishing his ancestral house, Karan Aujla has decided to make it a part of his new house. Here are the exclusive photos of Karan Aujla’s all-new house. It is still unfinished and under construction. The pictures reveal the outlook of the house as seen from the outside and it looks beautiful, just as a house built from your hard-earned income always does!

From being a small kid fighting difficult circumstances without his parents to take care of him, Karan Aujla has surely come a long way. His music journey has also been very inspirational. It began when he was in 9th standard! Jassie Gill met him at a wedding and decided to sing his song ‘Range’, which went on to become a huge hit. But nobody knew the man behind the song. Who would have thought this guy would someday be one of the biggest names in the industry!

Karan Aujla is also a man who respects his humble beginnings, his soil, the land he comes from! Which can also be seen through his music. His recent album BTFU has re-awaken the long lost Punjabi folk music we all were missing for years. With his house too, Karan has not left his roots for a new one. Rather he’s decided to re-build another beautiful house at the same place. We hope the work will be finished soon and we will finally get to see Karan Aujla’s all-new house for the first time, completed! 

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