Watch These 17 Indian Viral Desi Videos That Broke The Internet

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There are many bizarre and desi videos that went viral on social media, whether a man doing a prank to have a seat in crowded metro or a student forgetting to turn off her microphone during her online class. Daily Instagram is flooded with funny and incredible videos which even went viral on YouTube, Facebook, even on Twitter and these videos always win everyone’s heart. Moreover, All these videos have garnered more than 10,000 likes and various exciting comments. 

So, If you are seeking something that will make you smile, we found several videos on social media that will make you laugh out loud. These are some desi videos made by Indians, as you all know Indians can make any video on any content.

Here’s a list of some hilarious videos you must not have missed. Thank us later. If you discover what happened in the video, then just let us also know.

Finally found the reason, why people in India considered as illiterate

Have you ever seen Batman lurking around? If not, then watch this nutty video.

Don’t go anywhere, the guy will fix the Coronavirus emergencies

Modi ji ki Thali, hit them hard.

What just happened!! Is the guy on weed?

I never get delivery within 30 seconds. Do you?

Finally found the actual logic of ABCD

What the f was that????

Ab pilot apni Naukri Chord de?

That’s why we have a show, India’s Got Talent. Lol, it’s not cringe

Do not try this in real life. Janhit mei Jaari.

Oh, it will blow your mind. A real artist. How come we missed him on the big screen.

He emotional me!

From where did they get this talent?

Arey Babu Bhaiya, Hum to Darr Gye.

I bet a plastic surgeon will commit suicide after watching this video.

Hope you find them interesting and time investing.  

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