Way Ahead EP Review: Karan Aujla Announces His Return In The Loudest Way Possible! A Masterpiece

way ahead ep review karan aujla

Karan Aujla has officially dropped his EP ‘Way Ahead’. It was undoubtedly one of the most awaited projects of the year and the fans could wait no more! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this was one of the best projects of the year so far and a perfect comeback from Karan Aujla.

It is a 5-song mini album and features American rapper YG as well as Indian hip-hop sensation, Ikka. Karan Aujla was without a doubt the standout and he killed every single track with his flow this time!

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1. Gangsta

Rating: 4.5/5

This was what each one of us was waiting for. Karan Aujla marks one of the biggest independent collabs in the history of Punjabi Music by featuring YG in the track. Yeah Proof and Aujla have always been a killer duo and this time, they left no margin of error. The song has an amazing hook that’s going to be stuck in your mind for a long time. The lyrics were brilliant from the master once again and YG’s was on fire too. Overall, collective brilliance from all the artists made ‘Gangsta’ worth the wait. 

2. Oouuu

Rating: 4/5

Karan Aujla is always creative with the name of his songs and it is quite visible in this one. While the title might sound inconclusive and you might skip the song, hold up! You’re skipping on Karan Aujla’s masterclass. This EP has turned Aujla into a complete rapper and the flow that he’s carried in this song as well as the whole EP, barely any other artist in the industry right now can match up to. Yeah Proof has again produced a unique yet viby beat that flows with Karan well. Yes, Aujla is not flowing with the beat, the beat is flowing with Karan this time.

3. They Know

Rating: 4.5/5

The vintage Karan Aujla! The Aujla we all had been dying to hear for so long is in this track. Simply one of the best tracks out of the whole EP and we’re sure this is going to be all over parties, speakers and cars soon! The lyrics in the whole EP are about Aujla and they’re going to be loved by the audience. Yeah Proof, once again, no complaints.

4. Game Over

Rating: 4/5

This is a track that is not about technicalities! A simple plain track with dope lyrics, perfect beat drop, catchy hook, perfect vibe and groovy music. Yeah Proof and Karan Aujla have proved with this EP that they are the undisputed singer-producer duo of the Punjabi Industry now.

5. Unreachable

Rating: 4/5

This song is made up of three elements, Karan Aujla, lyrics and flow. A perfect rap, with plenty of lyrics where the artist is just talking about himself. However, it feels like the composition and the music of this song could have been a lot better. Considering the kind of music we have listened to in the rest of the album, this one lets you down! But, it does not mean the song isn’t good. The music is plain and simple but goes well with the flow.

Overall Rating:

Kiddaan Rating

Karan Aujla has announced his comeback in the Punjabi Music Industry and it is time for the rest to make some space. Karan’s long absence from Punjabi Music had made the fans lose touch with his music but this EP is going to serve the purpose, and even more!

Though, we did not get to see much variety from Mr. Versatile this time but the brilliance of all the songs leave no scope of disappointment. This EP is going to be stuck in the minds of people for a long time due to Karan Aujla’s proper rap flow and lyrics. 

Listen to the EP here:- Click Here

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