Wazir Patar Announces His Next Album, To Be Released Soon

The wave of releasing Albums and EPs has hit the Punjabi Music Industry in such a way that every second day, a new artist is seen joining the league.The Punjabi Music Industry deserves praise and all the credit for bringing back the trend of releasing music albums. As the sun rises again, a new Punjabi artist is announcing his upcoming Album or an EP.

With this Wazir Patar also, in his recent post on instagram, has announced that he will be releasing his next Album! As of now wazir has not shared much information about the Album, but has already excited his fans by informing that it is coming soon!

This will be Wazir’s second album after his 2020 debut album ‘Sanu Dekhda Zamana’. Apart from this he also has several EPs titled ‘Back To Skool’, ‘Some Memories’, ‘Keep It Gangsta’ and ‘Sajna Da Shehar’ in his basket. 

Wazir Patar is always reputed as one of the most unique beat producers in the Punjabi History. Carrying a variety of catchy yet unique elements in his beats, Wazir produced music like no other. Wazir Patar’s album “Back To Skool” was released in May this year and was a good hit. Wazir also featured in the songs “Goat”and “Last Ride” by Sidhu Moosewala.

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The Punjabi Entertainment Industry is growing and continuously winning more hearts with every passing day. While the Punjabi Film Industry is breaking records at the box office, the craze for Punjabi Music Industry is more than just obvious. 

For now, all we can do is wait for Wazir Patar to finally drop more details so that the countdown can be officially started.

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