Wazir Pattar Shares About His Bond With Sidhu Moosewala; Says He Is The Kindest Singer

Wazir Patar is a Punjabi music director and singer. Famous for his songs like Jealousy, Addiction, Tu Hi Das, Bp Up, Wazir has also been featured in the GOAT song sung by Late Sidhu Moosewala. 

Recently Wazir aka Wahzir in an episode of Wahzir Talks shared some of the memories of his early career. He revealed that his music journey began in 2011 when he used to make small videos followed by music direction. 

From 2015 he started learning music and musical direction. His first YouTube video went up in 2017 on his own channel. 

Wazir also shared about his first meeting with Sidhu Moosewala. He said that he is blessed to have worked with Sidhu Moosewala. For the unversed Wazir has worked with Sidhu Moosewala in 3 songs, Malwa Block, The Last Ride and GOAT. 

These three songs have been loved by the fans immensely. The Last Ride has over 245 million views on its official YouTube video. 

Talking about the first meet, he recalls that Sidhu called him in 2019 after listening to his track Marjana. Sidhu appreciated Wazir a lot and praised him for his songs. He also shares that Sidhu Moosewala has appreciated a lot of young talents which is a great quality of a good human. 

In 2020, after the lockdown, Wazir visited Moosewala’s village where they both worked on the song GOAT. Wazir also shared that Sidhu Moosewala was a very kind hearted down to earth person which is a rare quality for a singer of this status.

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