We Bet You Didn’t Know The Nickname Of Diljit Dosanjh. Read To Know

The biggest superstar of the Punjabi Industry, Diljit Dosanjh is almost ready to drop what he describes as the most important album of his career, the Moon Child Era. The album has been one of the most awaited projects this year. Days before the release, he held an Instagram QnA round and his answers to fan’s questions were shocking!

One of the fans asked Diljit that it feels like his life has taken some major change. To this Diljit replied that whatever he has done so far, is all Zero. The Moon Child Era is a new beginning. It is almost like saying that everything Diljit’s done till now does not count and this album is going to be his first project ever. He called himself a ‘New Born Baby’. 

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Just yesterday, the artist unfollowed everyone on Instagram and reduced his following to Zero. As of now, he does not follow anyone on Instagram. The fans were very amazed to see Diljit, who used to follow over 600 accounts on Instagram, suddenly unfollowed everyone. 

Another fan asked Diljit about his nickname. Diljit revealed that his nickname is ‘Lavi’. Earlier in a Facebook post uploaded by Diljit on 22 October 2018, Diljit referred to himself as ‘Lovey’, hence revealing his nickname back then. 

Diljit Dosanjh has been the biggest superstar the Punjabi industry’s ever produced. He is by far one of the most successful Punjabi artists globally and he just called all of his achievements ‘Zero’. 

Nevertheless, this makes the already-restless-audience even more curious to see what’s inside Diljit’s upcoming album, The Moon Child Era, set to release in August. The intro ‘The Chosen One’ is almost on its way and can be dropped at any time. We are surely going to see a completely new Diljit in this album. 

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