We Bet You Didn’t Know The Story Behind Alfaaz’s Debut Song ‘Haye Mera Dil’

Punjabi singer Alfaaz who has won our hearts with various mellifluous songs has had an amazing journey in the Punjabi music industry. Very few know that before stepping his foot into the music industry, the singer and lyricist Alfaaz has worked in the Punjabi film industry.  

Speaking of his musical journey, he wrote the first song ‘Haye Mera Dil’ at a very young age which was inspired by his school crush and then he recognized his talent and started writing some more tracks. 

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Slowly and steadily, he got the chance to work in two Punjabi films as a crew member which were ‘Hashar’ of Babbu Mann and ‘Punjaban- Love Rules Hearts’ of Miss Pooja. The main reason behind entering the industry is Honey Singh. He worked as a crew member in ‘Punjaban’ because he knew Rapper Honey Singh would be giving music to the film. Alfaaz, who is a great fan of Honey Singh, wanted to work with him and wanted him to give music to his lyrics.

After the movie, both the artists met, Alfaaz showed some of his songs, and interestingly Singh was shocked and did not believe that a young boy had written these songs. Singh thought that Alfaaz had stolen the songs from someone. But the secret behind such great songs was Satinder Sartaj. Aflaaz got incredible vocab and inspiration from Sartaj. 

But Honey then said ‘before listening to Sartaj, have you written some other song’. To this Alfaaz showed him his first song ‘Haye Mera Dil’, Honey got impressed and asked him to sing the song. After this, Honey Singh started calling him ‘Lyrical master’.

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And this is how the song ‘Haye Mera Dil’ which Alfaaz never thought to sing became everyone’s favorite when it came out.

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