We Bet You Don’t Know ‘B Praak Can’t Create Music Without This One Thing’

We Bet You Don’t Know ‘B Praak Can’t Create Music Without This One Thing’

B Praak surely is one of the most popular and talented singers and music producers of Punjabi Music Industry. If we name the best songs which proves his calbre, our list won’t be ending any soon, because it will include various songs starting from Harrdy Sandhu’s evergreen melody Soch to latest songs like Mann Bharya, Filhal, and Filhaal 2. 

And if you watch the music videos he has been featured in, you’ll notice that apart from great musical skills, his fashion game is also on point. He is always dressed like a real boss in the music videos of his songs and this is one thing that always impresses his fans about him.  But have you ever wondered that there might be a connection between his dressing and music skills? We know it sounds like two poles apart, but still there is a secret about B Praak that not many fans know about. 

In an interview, Jagdeep Sidhu and Ammy Virk revealed that B Praak is obsessed with dressing up nicely when he has to sit for producing a song or creating any music. And don’t you dare to misunderstand this dress up with a casual one, because when we are talking about B Praak’s dress up, it is grand. He always makes sure that he wears a wrist watch, shoes, and a good outfit before sitting and starting his work. 

In another statement, Jagdeep and Ammy also stated that he dresses up even if he is working at his home’s studio; also he dresses up like he is going to attend a wedding. 

This secret spilled by B Praak’s friends have surely left us curious and wondering about if we could steal an opportunity to sneak peek into his home’s studio while he’s working on creating another great melody. 

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