We Made It REVIEW: Parmish Verma – Sunny Malton’s Latest Song Reflects The Unfiltered Life Of International Students

Zimmewari Bhukh Te Doori, Kache Pakke Yaar, Chal Oye, Pinda Aale Jatt, Aam Jahe Munde and now We Made It, Parmish Verma surely has a special corner for all the international struggling students in his heart and why not! Nothing makes a track better than your real life experiences & if it is filled with hard work & success then it comes out to be an absolute motivational anthem. 

We Made It is the latest addition to Parmish Verma’s musical journey. In collaboration with Sunny Malton, Parmish has released this song which is entirely based on the life of struggling Indian students who are toiling hard in foreign countries for the sake of getting successful in life. 

This has come out as a very obvious track from Parmish’s end as he had witnessed all that he has described in the song. Living in a whole different atmosphere, away from the families and chasing dreams is not everyone’s cup of tea. Moreover, choosing the path knowing all the basic hurdles and hard work, these students really need to be applauded. 

Lyrics of We Made It have been written by Preet Gill who has experimentally penned down the obstacle-filled life of all those students living, studying, working abroad, struggling for PR & finally achieving the heights. Whereas, the music of the same has been done by Parteik. Sunny Malton’s rap verse, written by Gure, is something to be appreciated as well, resting on the fact that he has just spat the facts in it. Moreover, a tribute to Sidhu Moosewala is something unexpected in the track released freshly. 

Talking about the music video, Amit Kumar has amazingly presented the similar visuals as that of the lyrics through We Made It’s video. Additionally, some of the video’s parts are shot with the students pursuing their studies abroad to make the video more realistic. 

Overall the song reflects the journey from ‘Nikke Nikke Pind’on Aake Paunde Dhakk Kanneda Ji, Fees Work – PR Da Raula, Fateh Karu Kamm Tedha Ji’ to ‘Nikke Nikke Pind’on Aake Paage Dhakk Kanneda Ji, Saaf Neet’an – PR Vi Laige Fateh Kita Kamm Tedha Ji

Listen to Parmish Verma’s We Made It here: 

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