We Rollin REVIEW: The Music Video Gives Song The Gangsta Touch & Makes It Even Better

Released 4 months ago, We Rollin was Shubh’s debut track in the Punjabi Music Industry. It is very rare for an artist to have his first ever mainstream song go viral. We Rollin was one of the most viral sounds over social media and Shubh became one of the best newcomers in the industry. The craze for the song was still consistent, so Shubh came up with Rubbal GTR and both of them decided to drop the official music video of the song.

Music video makes a song much more engaging and that’s exactly what Rubbal GTR has done with We Rollin. Rubbal is undoubtedly one of the most talented video directors out there and he’s proven it again in We Rollin. A major part of the music video has been shot in just plain black and white. The colour scheme goes well with the music and the vibe of the song. 

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Shubh is seen wearing a complete black outfit to complement the colour scheme as well as communicate that gangsta vibe that the lyrics of the song are trying to reach out to the listener. For the car lovers the ‘Kaali Car’ in the music video is a beautiful vintage muscle Mercedes and the camerawork, the shots of the beast riding the open roads have been done amazingly.

The visual effects and transitions make the video more appealing. One of the shots where Shubh can be seen sitting down on an orange sofa and the camera panning on him from the top of a spiral staircase is an exhibition of the attractive camerawork in the music video.

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Another minor detail that gets you into the creative mind of Rubbal is that an hourglass can be seen in various shots of the music video. While the viewer puts his brain into use for understanding the significance of the hourglass, it is only in the end that it’s revealed. When the music video reaches its end, the sand completely falls in the lower bulb from the upper bulb, implying the end of time.

Overall, the music video successfully met the viewer’s expectations. It has surely made the superhit song better and engaging. The video goes perfectly with the flow, the vibe and the lyrics of the song to keep the soul of the song alive.

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