“We Were Not Friends”: Sidhu Moosewala Speaks Up On Karan Aujla & His Beef With Babbu Maan!

We have probably never seen a beef like that of Sidhu Moosewala and Karan Aujla. The two are two of the most respected and renowned artists in the industry, yet we might never see them performing with each other or even sharing the same stage. They’ve been involved in one of the biggest Music beefs in the country. To make things worse, later in the career, Sidhu also went on to develop a so-called beef with veteran Punjabi singer, Babbu Maan.

While the artists have been seen or heard replying to each other in their songs or live shows indirectly, their fans are where things get messy. Certain types of fans of all the singers, Sidhu Moosewala, Karan Aujla and Babbu Maan never leave a chance to pull the other down. Recently, Sidhu Moosewala opened up about his beef with Karan Aujla and Babbu Maan in an interview!

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On being asked if there is some reality in the beefs or are they just fan-made or created by a third person on the basis of rumors, Sidhu replied that it’s not like everything is made up. There is surely some reality in it, while many things are also just made-up, replied Sidhu. The singer also added that he can surely have ideological differences with many people, but he always avoids ‘bad-mouthing’ socially about them. 

Sidhu added that he is always reluctant to talk about these mentioned artists in his interviews, just to avoid bad mouthing about them. He also agreed that sometimes they go on bashing each other in songs, but they’re just ‘songs’. He was also asked if Karan Aujla was once his friend. Sidhu replied that the two were not exactly friends, but knew each other personally!

So, the artist did not talk about any history behind the beef but surely agreed that not everything is made up. Some of it really holds reality. It is not everyday we see Sidhu Moosewala talking about his beef with Karan or Babbu Maan. The singer is generally avoiding the topic but this time, we got a chance to get answers. 

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