A Chinese man has gone viral for running a marathon while smoking cigarettes throughout the entire race.

You'll be shocked to know the fact that this viral Chinese man is 50-year-old.

The viral 50-year-old marathon runner is known as “Uncle Chen”.

Chen has become popular for chain-smoking while competing in marathons.

Chen goes viral after he was spotted smoking while running at the Xinanjiang marathon in Jiande,  China last week.

Not only Chen has competed in the marathon while smoking but he  also finished the race.

It took him 3 hours 28 minutes to complete the 42 kilometers  marathon.

He was placed at 574th out of 1500+ competitors, which is a big achievement for a 50-year -old guy..isn't it.

Well, this is not the first time Uncle Chen has run a marathon while  chain smoking.

He was also spotted smoking heavily while running at the 2018 Guangzhou Marathon & 2019 Xiamen Marathon.