Fractured A thriller Story of Ray Monroe, who thinks the hospital is hiding something after his wife and daughter went missing from the emergency room.

Bird Box A must-watch if you like a blend of horror and thrill that simultaneously engages viewers and keeps them  on the edge of their seats.

The woman in the window Based on a 2018 novel, the movie follows a story of an agoraphobic woman whose life takes a turn when her spy nature puts her into trouble.

Lost Girls The story of a mother finding her lost daughter keeps the viewers engaged with the emotions, thrills, pain  and regret.

Red dot The tense story encircles a couple on a romantic trip who are then running for survival: a perfect adrenaline rush  and cinematic art.

Queen of the south Story of a strong female and a drug smuggler with a good proportion  of action and thrill.

The Guilty It is a perfect nail biting thrill and a fantastic Hollywood remake of the 2018 Danish movie with the  same name.

Shutter Island With a fantastic plot twist and well-written script, shutter island is a movie to watch several times.

The gift Gifts do not always bring happiness is a perfect example set in the movie's storyline. It is tense, disturbing and with an unsettling ending.

Spilt A psychological horror movie about a mental disorder dissociative identity disorder is spine-chilling with fantastic performance.