MCU is introducing a new superheroine through a brand new show 'Ms. Marvel'.

Iman Vellani is playing the role of Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan, who is a fan of a strong avenger, Captain Marvel.

Here are 5 convincing reasons that makes 'Ms. Marvel', a must watch show.

 Cool & Unique Storyline The storyline of the show is quite unique, it revolves around a 16-years old, wannabe avenger, teenager, who finally gets superpowers.

Ethical Background As the lead character is a brown pakistani-american girl, the whole background depicts south asian ethics.

Coming-of-age-story The whole show is based on a teenager that makes the show more adventurous.

Getting her Power Unlike other marvel superheroes, who were either born with powers or through rite of passage, Ms. Marvel gets her power from a bangle. Doesn't it make it more interesting?

Sense of Relatability As Kamala is just another average kid from Jersey, the sense of relatability her character brings, and the journey she embarks upon, promises to keep viewers hooked.

This adventurous 6- episode series is streaming now on Disney+  Hotstar (India).

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