One of the best ever to play the game of soccer, Pelé passed away at  the age of 82.

Here we have compiled a few of Pelé's unheard stories to pay a tribute to  the Brazilian legend. Check it out–

1.When Referee Left The Ground During a friendly match in 1968 referee Guillermo Velasquez asked Pelé to leave the ground but had to depart himself following spectators' outrage.

2. Did Pelé Really Stop the War? It is said that on February 4, 1969 Pelé's club Santos FC played a friendly match in a war affected Nigerian place & to provide the players security,  war was paused.

3. How Pelé Humiliated the Beatles? Pelé wrote in 2007 that Beatles' singer John Lennon tried to meet him & the Brazilian team in an English Hotel but was denied by the team director.

4. Why Didn't Play For European Clubs? Unlike every other great player, Pelé never played for any European club as the Brazilian government didn't want him to be exported.

5. Captained Brazil At 50 Pelé captained Brazil only once and that too 19 years after his retirement. This was a friendly match played between Brazil & the rest of  the world in 1990.

6. When Pelé Got Kidnapped On September 2, 1972, when Pelé scored a 43-minute goal, spectators invaded the ground to carry Pelé & he was almost kidnapped for a while.

7. Pelé Clean Sheet As GK Pelé also did goalkeeping for Brazil in 1964 and he conceded no goal in all the four matches he played as a GK.

Leaving thousands of stories & an imperishable legacy behind, the legend of football left us. RIP Pelé.