Here's the list of 10 best Christmas movies to watch on OTT–

1. A Christmas Prince This entertaining & romantic story of  a reporter & a prince, who is a  playboy is on Netflix.

2. Falling For Christmas This is one Netflix & has a story of a girl who losses her memory after an accident & taken care by a handsome hunk but widower.

3. Scrooge: A Christmas Carol Available on Netflix, this musical drama brings a new dimension  to the classic christmas story  of Charles dickens.

4. Jingle All The Way This Arnold Schwarzenegger's film about a dad's efforts for the happiness of his son is on Amazon Prime.

5. The Noel Diary In this film Jake Turner finds a diary that unlocks his past. You can  watch it on Netflix.

6. Mickey's Christmas Carol This Disney's animated comedy drama is available on Amazon Prime Video.

7. The Muppet Christmas Carol Based on Christmas, this musical drama is available for streaming  on Amazon Prime video.

8. Home Alone The story of an 8-year old naughty kid saving his home from robbers when left alone is available on Prim Video.

9. Christmas With You This is a beautiful story of a pop star who decides to find his true love. You can watch it on Netflix.