Here's the list of 9 highest-paid actors of 2022 in the world–

9. Tom Hardy The venom actor is charging $20 million for the third part of  the marvel film

8. Vin Diesel is charging $20 million for the upcoming Fast & Furious  film titled 'Fast X'.

7. Chris Hemsworth The Thor actor is being paid $20 million by Netflix for Extraction 2.

6. Joaquin Phoenix The Oscar winning actor hiked his fees to $20 million for the next Joker film.

5. Dwayne Johnson The Rock has charged a whopping $22.5 million for the recently  released Black Adam.

4. Brad Pitt The Bullet Train actor is receiving  a cheque of $30 million for his upcoming Formula 1 drama film.

3.Leonardo DiCaprio The ultimate hitmaker is charging an outstanding amount of $30 million for his upcoming film 'Killers of  the Flower Moon'.

2. Will Smith Emancipation star has received some serious appreciation & a big cheque  of $35 million as well.

1. Tom Cruise The Mission Impossible star has charged $100 million for his career's highest grosser Top Gun: Maverick.