The AirDrop feature lets users share files between Apple devices without the internet.

The feature is available on all iPhones & other Apple devices globally.

But it appears the company is making some tweaks in China to be on the same page with the Chinese authorities.

It means users in China can no longer keep their AirDrop on for an  unlimited time.

Following the new iOS 16.1.1 update, iPhone's 'AirDrop' with 'everyone' option has seemingly been reduced  to only 10 minutes.

Whereas, users still have the option to use AirDrop with Contacts only  or nobody.

Though they are still able to share files without the internet, and in other words, without being traced.

As reported by Techcrunch, some Weibo users argue that the 10-minute restriction should be applied globally, since many forget to turn off AirDrop.

The report points out that this isn't the first time Apple has been making region-specific changes to abide  by local laws & norms.

Not only this, the Apple App Store in China restricts certain games & apps as per directions by the government.