Google paid tribute to Angelo Moriondo on the occasion of his 171st birthday with a doodle on 6th June 2022.

Angelo Morionda is known as the godfather of espresso machines.

Google doodle features a GIF of the first known espresso machine. "Today, coffee lovers sip in tribute to the godfather of espresso machines,"

Once upon a time, in 19th century Italy, coffee was the hottest item around. But,brewing methods required customers to wait over five minutes  to get their drink.

Angelo Morionda was an Italian inventor credited for patenting the world's first espresso machine in 1884.

His machine used a combination of steam and boiling water to brew coffee.

Born on June 6,1851 in Turin, Italy, Angelo belonged to a family of entrepreneurs.

Angelo's grandfather founded a liquor production company which was then managed by his father.

Angelo also built the popular chocolate company, "Moriondo and Gariglio"  with his cousin.

The Godfather of Espresso machines  died on 31st May 1914.

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