Curlies Club is considered as one of Goa's most popular nightlife spots among both foreign and  domestic visitors.

Curlies is a private shack on the Anjuna beach in Goa and has remained in controversy many times.

Recently, the 42-year-old BJP leader Sonali Phogat has brought back the Curlies in the limelight.

Phogat visited the shack for partying on the same day she died on  August 23.

Recently, Goa police has also seized drugs from the club's washroom that made Curlies feature in headlines.

Police have also arrested the club owner and a drug peddler in the Sonali Phogat Death Case.

Previously, the club was infamous for the death of British teenager Scarlett Keeling in 2008.

Keeling had visited Curlies soon before arriving at the location where she was sexually assaulted and left to  die on the beach.

After her second autopsy, it was discovered that Keeling had been drugged and raped.

In 2017, Edwin Nunes, owner of Curlies was arrested for possession of  Drugs in the club.