The world has already witnessed a variety of dangerous viruses  in recent years.

After Corona, Monkeypox & Marburg, here comes a new zoonotic virus called Langya Henipavirus.

Like Corona, Henipavirus is also originated in asian country, China

So far 35 people got infected from this new zoonotic Henipavirus.

This animal-derived virus has so far infected people in Shandong & Henan provinces of China.

Henipavirus or aLayV was found in throat swab samples from febrile patients in eastern China.

The Henipavirus infected people have symptoms including fever, fatigue, cough, anorexia, myalgia, and nausea.

There is currently no vaccine or treatment available for Henipavirus.However, supportive care is applied by doctors to manage complications.

The cases of Langya henipavirus so far have not been fatal or very serious, so there is no need for panic, stated Wang Linfa, Professor, Duke-NUS Medical School.

Some reports have hinted that the Langya Henipavirus might have spread from rodents.