Many users have been leaving Twitter since Musk's takeover.

Amidst this, Mastodon, a Twitter like social media, is making headlines around the corner.

The users who left twitter now got a new destination, Mastodon, to  share their thoughts.

According to Mastodon, it is "the largest decentralized social  network on the internet."

Which means, Mastodon is a non-profit operation, Mastodon is built on open-source software and resides  on the Fediverse.

Fediverse is an online universe of applications and websites connected by thousands of independent servers.

At present, there are over 5,700 Mastodon servers on the Fediverse.

So when users connect to Mastodon, they first connect to one  of these servers.

These servers can be run by one person or a group & can have their own rules for joining & to  manage any content.

Mastodon has gained around 2 Million users since October 27.