Controversies are like oxygen  to Urfi Javed; she can't live  without them.

But her latest controversy was tossed up in front of her by television actor Chahat Khanna.

On a recent note, Urfi wore a yellow dupatta dress after which actress Chahatt criticised her fashion outing on her Instagram story.

Chahat targeted the media & called them vulnerable for making anyone a fashion icon who just removes  her clothes.

Urfi hits back with some personal comments on her married  & personal life.

Urfi alleged Chahat for buying fake followers & commented on her two divorces & dating way younger men.

Urfi put an Instagram story writing, "At least I earn my own money not living off my two ex-husbands’ alimony."

"Chahatt Khanna I ain’t coming to you judging you love your life. IDK what these aunties have against me (sic)," Urfi added.

Chahat replied saying "I don't need to be part of this drama" & asked Urfi to clarify first about what  she wrote.

In a recent interview, Chahat said, "Nothing actually happened, just that it was getting really tough to tolerate this nonsense happening for months on social media."