Uorfi Javed is facing huge backlash for promoting an online casino named "Nanak Book"

Uorfi Javed remains in news headlines and social media for her bold looks & brave statements.

Her pictures and videos usually float on Instagram's trending page & on entertainment portals as well.

The actress is  known to stir up controversies with her bold fashion choices, unexpected outfits and unfiltered & brave statements.

But Currently, Uorfi Javed is facing backlash for  for a promotional video that she shared on her Instagram account

The actress has collaborated with Nanak Online Book which is an online casino platform.

The name of the online casino book has invited massive criticism & outrage from Sikh community.

Some people from the community believe, Uorfi & the brand has hurt their religious sentiments by using 'Nanak' name & also using  ੴ (Ek Onkar).

The criticism has been raised not only through various Punjabi pages, but also comments of netizens under them.

Neither Uorfi nor the online Casino brand has released any statement or clarification so far regarding  the issue.