Rimac Nevera has emerged as the world’s fastest electric  production car.

Rimac's ultra-expensive hypercar achieved this feat by clocking a record-breaking top speed  of 412 kph.

Rimac Nevera is priced around $2 million & only 150 units of the hypercar will be produced.

This hypercar can hit 0-100 kmph in a claimed 1.95 seconds.

However, its top speed will be limited to only 352 kph for  the customers.

Nevera has futuristic design elements which include a large grille with a wide air dam, sculpted bonnet & sloping roofline.

The EV also gets sporty lightweight forged alloy wheels, LED tail lights, an active wing & swept-back LED headlights with DRLs.

Rimac Nevera’s includes four electric motors which generate 1,914 horsepower & 2,360  Nm of torque.

The hypercar maker claims that Rimac Nevera has a range of 489 KM on one full charge.

However, Nevera’s doesn’t beat the top speed record for internal combustion engine cars.

Currently Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ is the fastest internal combustion engine car that clocked 304 mph (490 kph) in 2019.