Marvel introduced its newest Superhero, MS. Marvel through a 6- episode series.

The series is streaming on Disney+ hotstar from June 8th (India).

Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan is a brown pakistani-american, 16-years old teenage superhero.

She is a big fan of Captain Marvel & always wanted to be an avenger & eventually she does.

Ms. Marvel already appeared in Marvel's comic series but this time she is making her debut on the big screen.

Ms. Marvel is perhaps the most relatable superhero in the MCU as she has a conservative family & relatable lifestyle.

Unlike other MCU superheroes, who got their powers from birth or through rite of passage, Ms.Marvel's power source is a bangle.

Ms. Marvel series is MCU's phase 4 project & it'll narrate the story about the events in Kamala's life after the endgame.

Ms. Marvel could be one of the prominent parts of New Avengers alongside  America Chavez, Kate Bishop & others.

It has been already confirmed that Ms. Marvel will join her idol Captain Marvel in future MCU projects.

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