More than 6,000 pages of court documents used in the defamation trial between Depp & Amber have been revealed.

According to reports, Heard’s team claimed in pretrial documents that she suffered financial losses in the $47-50 million over a 3-5 year period.

The loss occurred because of Depp’s defamatory statements against her.

The documents reveal that Heard walked away from  more than $10 million by refusing to accept the money Depp made off the Pirates of the Caribbean-5.

Heard’s team also argued that her status was being compared with other female stars.

According to reports Depp offered Heard more than $33 million for the fifth part.

Heard refused to accept the money from the movie during her divorce proceedings.

Amber Heard filed a notice of appeal earlier this month.

Their defamation trial ended June 1. The jury ordered Heard to pay $10.35 million in damages to Depp.

The jury also awarded Heard $2 million in compensatory damages for her counterclaim.