Popular streamer Kaitlyn aka Amouranth's recent broadcast has created a buzz on the internet.

On October 16 stream, streamer reveals that she is married & accuses husband of emotional abuse.

Kaitlyn broke down & started crying while talking about her situation during the livestream.

She revealed that her husband had sternly demanded her to leave the house, which she agreed initially.

However, she had a change of mind & stated that she would not leave her house because her dogs were there.

Her husband on the other side of the phone call told the streamer to  take her dogs & leave.

The streamer confronted him & revealed that her husband forced  her to host a 24-hour livestream.

Kaitlyn also said that her husband had control over all of their financial accounts.

Kaitlyn also showcased the abusive texts from her husband during  the livestream.

After her livestream went viral hundreds of streaming community members reacted to her situation.