Self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate has been arrested in Romania.

Andrew with his brother Tristan has been taken into the custody of Romanian police from their  villa residence.

According to Libertatea, Romanian police carried out the raid at Tate's residence in connection with the kidnapping of two girls.

The Tate brothers are being investigated on rape and human trafficking allegations.

The former kickboxer is being investigated by the Directorate  for Investigating Organized  Crime & Terrorism.

It is in relation to suspicions that Andrew & his brother were creating  a crime group involved in using  girls for adult videos.

Tate’s arrest comes a day after being roasted by the Swedish teen  activist Greta Thunberg.

It is said that Tate's attempt to hit back at Greta may have led the Romanian police to his  residence.

Tate posted a rant video on Twitter, and there was a pizza box from a  local chain, which was visible  in the foreground.

The Pizza Box indicated to the authorities that he is in the country  & now Tate is in police custody.