Anjali Arora has risen to fame among the audience, first with her Instagram reels and then with her appearance  in Lock Upp.

Anjali has a good amount of followers on Instagram, she enjoys a fan following of over 11.8 Million.

She started her career with Tik Tok, which later got banned and she got famous through Instagram reels.

Anjali Arora celebrates her birthday every year on 3 November.

She was born in Delhi in 1999 and is currently 23 Years old.

Anjali Arora is in a relationship with Akash Sansanwal who is a social  media influencer.

Akash, who is aged around 30-35 is  a member of BJP and is involved in  the world of politics.

After coming out of the reality show, Lock Upp, she appeared in many music videos and became the talk of the town for various reasons.

Anjali is always the hot potato among the youth for her amazing reels and photos she posts on Instagram.

She is quite active on social media and has a reported net worth of Rs 3-cr, which makes her stand out among many other creators.