Apple has launched its new Apple AirPods Pro Generation 2 at the recently held Apple Event.

Apple has claimed AirPods Pro Gen-2 to be the most advanced AirPods ever.

Major upgrades on the Apple AirPods Pro Gen-2 are Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode along with Spatial Audio.

The new AirPods are powered by the H2 chip which enables new features like cancelling twice as much noise compared to the original AirPods Pro.

There's a touch control feature for media playback and turning up the volume without using another device.

The users can enjoy up to 30 hours of total listening time with Active Noise Cancellation with the case.

The new charging case of AirPods Pro Gen-2 comes with a lightning port.

However, the AirPods can also be charged by an AppleWatch charger, a MagSafe charger or a Qi-certified charging mat in addition to  the Lightning cable.

The AirPods Pro 2nd Generation are priced at Rs 26,900.

The new AirPods will be available to order from September 9 with store availability beginning from  September 23.