Apple has long been rumored to  be working on an all-electric passenger automobile.

Much information about this upcoming Apple EV is already circulating online & now some more additional details  have emerged.

Earlier Apple was to launch its first electric car in 2025.

But now it has shifted its launch from 2025 to 2026.

It was planned to be a totally autonomous car, but the current design will make way for pedals and a steering wheel.

Like GM's Super Cruise, the owners will be able to turn on self-driving technology on highways.

The technology firm may not want to run into the same difficulties as Tesla with an all-out self-driving capability with lidar and radar sensors instead.

The article indicates Apple plans to deploy a technological system dubbed Denali. Its processor is as powerful as "four of Apple's highest-end Mac processors."

Tesla is using cameras instead of ultrasonic sensors for self- driving assistance.

The Apple automobile was once predicted to cost more than USD 120,000 (nearly Rs. 99 crores).