Apple has launched the much awaited new versions of iOS 16 & iPadOS 16.

Apple shockingly didn't launch the iPadOS 16 last month but towards  the end of October it is finally out.

As per the rumors, the release of iPadOS 16.1 alongside iOS 16.1, the version numbers for Apple's mobile operating systems are back in sync.

According to GSMArena, the new version of the iPad OS includes  Stage Manager, a redesigned  multitasking interface.

This feature allows users to create overlapping windows of various sizes, drag & drop windows & much more.  It also automatically organizes  apps & windows.

An update for the M1 & M2 iPads will make Stage Manager fully compatible with external displays up to 6K resolutions later this year.

The iPadOS 16 offers new features for Messages, a collection of clever tools for Mail & support for iCloud Shared Photo Library.

The new OS also has new security &  collaboration features for Safari,  & a Weather app.

In addition to numerous bug fixes, iOS 16.1 also supports numerous features including iCloud Shared Photo Library & Live Activities from third-party apps on the Dynamic Island.

It also provides additional features such as  the lock screens on iPhone  14 Pro models &  Fitness+ without  an Apple Watch.