Ayushmann Khurrana's comedy drama Doctor G hits the cinema on  October 14, 2022.

The movie also stars Rakulpreet Singh, Shefali Shah, Sheeba Chaddha  among others.

Helmed by Anubhuti Kashyap, Doctor G's storyline revolves around Dr. Uday Gupta (Ayushmann), who is unwillingly studying Gynaecology.

He feels shy as a male doctor to deal with sensitive matters of females & that's why he wants to change his course but fails to do so.

His senior Dr. Nandini (Shefali) suggests him to lose 'male touch' & how he loses that is what  the movie is all about.

Story is unique, the execution feels a little weak as it becomes extremely flat sometimes but overall, it  will entertain you.

Performances are top notch, be it Ayushmann, Shefali or Rakul  everyone did a good job.

We would like to give special appreciation for Sheeba Chaddha & Abhay Chintamani Mishr. We enjoyed every single second they appeared  on screen…too good.

If we talk about the music, this is one of those albums which doesn't sound like Amit Trivedi's project. Sorry  but we expected more..

Overall, Doctor Ji is a good comedy drama but it's definitely not among the best of Ayushmann's films.