Here's a brief recap of Squid Game Season 1.

The story centers on Ji-Hun, a man struggling to make ends meet & millions in debt.

Ji-Hun accepts to play games for money offered by a mysterious man, without knowing that the game is of life & death.

In the arena of squid games, during the first death game, an evil doll tracks movements and kills those who don't play the competition well.

Out of 456 who start the game, over half are killed while others progress to the next round.

A vote is cast, in which those who want to continue playing the game are outnumbered by those who wish to leave.

All contestants were freed but in the real world, contestants begin struggling again so most of them return back to Squid Games.

More & more contestants get killed off as the game levels up.

Lastly, Ji-Hun emerges as the winner of the Squid Game.

Ji-Hun was embarking on a flight but leaves the flight midway to find out the truth of Squid games after seeing more contestants being recruited.

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