Much awaited Telugu movie Bimbisara finally hits the  silver screens.

Bimbisara stars Kalyan Ram, Katherine Tresa, Samyuktha Menon & Prakash Raj  in lead roles.

Directed by Mallidi Vasishta, Bimbisara is a fantasy action movie that embraces the concept of time travel.

Bimbisara is a story of the King of Magadha, Bimbisara (5th Century), who lands in the modern day world through  time travel.

Full of ego and manic energy, Bimbisara in the future is unaware of the fact that a power-thirsty doctor Subramanya Shastri & Kethu are already waiting for  him to come.

What made the ancient king travel in time & what did he do? The answers to these questions are all about the Bimbisara Movie.

The movie's concept is good but the average screenplay & cinematography ruins the charms.

VFX & BGM sometimes feels too good & sometimes  too creepy.

Apart from lead actor Kalyan Ram, no other actor is very impressive in the movie.

Direction has open flaws, although it was his debut movie, but we had expected more from Mallidi.

Overall, Bimbisara is a decent fantasy action adventure that boasts a good concept, sensible ending & Kalyan Ram's brilliance.