Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock's DC film 'Black Adam' is released now.

Dwayne hailed Black Adam as the gamechanger for DCEU. Is it  really? Let's find out.

Movie's wonderful star cast includes Pierce Brosnan, Sarah Shahi, Noah Centineo with Dwayne as the titular superhero 'Black Adam'.

Let's talk about the positives, charm & intensity of The Rock is one the best thing of this superhero movie.

CGI, VFx, action choreography, music were outstanding & the performances were the cherry on cake.

The best part of the film was that it wasn't too colorful like Shazam & not too dark like every other DC movie.

Well sorry Mr. Johnson, this might be a game changer for DCEU but it wasn't the best superhero movie to come  out in recent times.

Story was too average & mediocre. We expected a little more thrill and  depth in the storyline.

Overall, Black Adam is a good entertainer no doubt, but if you are going in with the high expectations to watch something unreal, you might come out disappointed.

Team Kiddaan rates Black Adam  3.5 stars out of 5.