Taapsee Pannu's starring crime thriller 'Blurr' released on Zee5.

Along with Taapsee, Blurr stars Gulshan Devaiah, Abhilash Thapliyal  & Krutika Desai Khan.

Blurr's plot revolves around Taapsee's character Gayatri, who along with her husband Neil come to a hill station.

Where she got to know about her visually impaired twin sister  Gautami, who died by suicide.

Growing suspicious over her sister’s death, Gayatri begins to investigate.

However, in a sudden turn of events, she begins to lose her sight and  what happens next is what  the story is all about.

Story is nice, the screenplay could have been slightly better and  the BGM is good.

Taapsee is brilliant, she literally owned the story. Other actors were also good in their respective roles.

Overall, Blurr is a good thriller that is definitely not for the weak hearted. But it definitely has multiple flaws that might look off-track  in the middle.

Team Kiddaan rates Blurr 3  stars out of 5.