Britney Spears claims she sent messages to her mother after she was forced into a mental health facility back in 2019.

On Monday, Britney Spears took her Instagram to share  a few receipts.

Britney alleged that she was forcefully taken to a mental health facility in 2019  by  mom Lynne Spears.

She posted screenshots of texts to her mom, a friend  & her lawyer.

In her first screenshot, "He was saying he wants to UP the seroquel & I’m like whoaaaaaaa horsey go f–k yourslwf," Britney wrote to  her mother.

She added that "Seroquel I thought was a sleep aid but it’s for bipolar & is WAAAAAY Stronger than lithium".

It is still not confirmed that the text was for her doctor or her father who was taking care of her in the medical facility.

Spears further added, "I feel like he’s trying to kill me. I swear to god I do."

She also confirmed through captions that she didn't get any response from her mother.

Britney is in a much better place now with her conservatorship terminated & her newlywed husband Sam Asghari by her side.