We have heard many stories of people getting fired from the company  they started.

But can Mark Zuckerberg be fired from Meta? The answer is No. Here's  the reason why.

Zuckerberg structured his company in a way that makes it nearly impossible for him to leave his role as CEO  unless he wanted to.

Meta, has a dual-class structure, meaning that average shareholders own one type of stock– Class A.

While Zuckerberg & a small circle of insiders hold another type– Class B.

Class B stock holders get 10 votes per share, while Class A holders  only get one vote.

Which means Zuckerberg & other Class B shareholders are essentially untouchable.

Now here comes the masterstroke as Zuckerberg alone owns 90% of Meta's Class B stock, enough to maintain absolute control of the company  by himself.

Traditionally, shareholders get an equal say on issues that affect a company, which means that each share receives only one vote,  no matter who owns it.

However, that has never been the case at Zuckerberg's company & that's  why he can't be fired.