Cash Money Rapper B.G. may be released early from his 14-year  prison sentence.

BG has been imprisoned in a California penitentiary since 2012.

According to recent reports, Birdman announced during an Instagram Live that BG could be home in a  “few” weeks”.

Which is way ahead of his projected release date of April 7, 2024.

B.G. aka Christopher Noel Dorsey, is currently serving a 14-year sentence in federal prison.

B.G. was jailed after pleading guilty to gun possession and witness  tampering in 2012.

His sentence stemmed from a 2009 arrest in New Orleans when police arrested him with three firearms  at a traffic stop.

Earlier this year, Birdman also penned a letter to B.G.'s  judge advocating  for his release.

In September, U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan rejected a motion submitted urging to have the rapper’s  sentence shortened.

One of B.G.'s motions dating back to February 2022, outlined health issues that could easily make him  susceptible to COVID-19.