Shailesh Lodha aka Taarak Mehta

was unhappy with the contract and his utilization in the show. Thus, quits the show after 14 years.

Disha Vakani aka Dayaben

took maternity leave in 2017 but never returned.

Bhavya Gandhi aka Tapu

had to quit the show after 8 years as his character grew from kid to teenager.

Neha Mehta aka Anjali

decided to quit the show in 2020 due to differences with production house.

Gurucharan Singh aka Mr. Sodhi

decided to quit the sitcom to take care of his father's health.

Jheel Mehta aka Sonu

decided to quit the sitcom to concentrate on higher studies.

Nidhi Bhanushali aka Sonu

who replaced Jheel in 2012 decided to quit the show for the same reason as Jheel.

Monika Bhadoriya aka Bawri

left the show on an amicable note to explore new things.

Dilkhush Reporter aka Mrs. Sodhi

decided to leave the show due to personal & health issues.