Apple has released its latest iOS 16 operating system update features.

According to The Verge, iOS 16 features include a new lock screen with widgets, unsend & edit for iMessage and more.

In iOS 16, users can now add widgets that can act as a way of presenting notifications on the lock screen.

According to The Verge, a 'mark as unread' feature has also been introduced in the new version.

The new iOS 16 also allows users to fast-forward audio messages while being listened to.

Reportedly, Apple's built-in Mail application will also get a new scheduled send option in iOS 16 alongside the ability to quickly unsend an email right after being sent.

iOS 16 also allows iPhone users to share Tab Groups in Safari  with others.

The new iOS 16 also includes a redesigned Home app with new camera views.

iOS 16 also provides the ability to control an Apple watch from  an iPhone.

The updated features of iOS 16 also allows users to copy text from  the videos.