Extraction, a 2020 film, was received very well by the fans.

Although it sorted the storyline towards the end, still its fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel.

And now it looks like after 3 long years we are finally about to witness the  full action packed sequel.

Chris Hemsworth, the man himself, has brought the good news  for the fans.

He shared a still of himself from the much awaited movie.

Chris shared a picture, where he can be seen taking a stance to fight  two guys bare handedly.

But what is more exciting than this picture for the fans, is its caption.

Chris captioned the photo he posted on his Instagram, "Extraction 2 coming at you this summer. Let's go!!!"

So it's clear from this caption that the release of Extraction 2 is now just  a couple of months away.

Extraction 2 is a Netflix original film, directed by Sam Hargrave.