NASA has finally unveiled the first ever images from the $10 Billion James Webb Space Telescope.

The most powerful space telescope ever created, has presented mankind with the deepest ever image of  the universe.

Known as Webb’s First Deep Field, James Webb captured images of the universe as old as 13.1 Billion years ago.

Stephan’s Quintet - Visual Display of five galaxies colliding and creating new stars around 290 million light years away from earth.

Southern Ring Nebula - A dead star expelling gas and clouds of dust around 2,500 light years away from earth.

WASP-96b - Analysis of an atmosphere with evidence of water around a giant planet orbiting a star 1,120 light years away from earth.

Carina Nebula - the birthplace and graveyard of Milky Way’s biggest & hottest stars, 8,500 light years away from earth.

These pictures unveiled by NASA have taken us to the nearest we’ve ever been to the formation of the Universe.

Big Bang happened around 14 Billion years ago while James Webb’s deepest image of the universe is  13.1 Billion years old.

The Telescope is expected to reveal many secrets about the Universe and answer many unanswered questions of mankind.