Dhokha: Round D Corner, a bollywood thriller hits the cinema on September 23rd.

The movie stars many superstars including R Madhavan, Aparshakti Khurana, Darshan Kumaar &  Khushali Kumar.

It is a crime thriller that begins with Yatharath (Madhavan) & Sanchi (Khushali), a happy couple turning into a frustrated couple wanting divorce.

The twist occurs when, a terrorist, Haq Gul (Aparshakti) penetrates their house and held Sanchi as the hostage.

Inspector Harichander Malik (Darshan) steps in to take charge of the case. Malik tries to nab Gul, but Gul has some other plans.

What is Dhokha in all this simple looking crisis? This is what the  movie is all about.

The movie's story and screenplay are average. And it's hard to believe it's a R Madhavan movie, especially after what he did in Rocketry.

Aparshakti is outstanding in the movie. Darshan and Madhavan are also good but Khushali was very poor in her role.

Music & songs are good. Direction wise Kookie Gulati wasn't on point.  He could have managed the  resources well.

Overall, Dhokha: Round D Corner is a one time watch. We are disappointed as we expected much more from  the brilliant cast.