Ivana Trump, ex-wife of former US' President, Donald Trump recently passed away.

She was buried in a Donald Trump-owned golf course in New Jersey.

This has raised many questions about the unusual burial site since the typical burial place for a loved one is a cemetery.

Ivana was 73 years old & suffered an accidental death on July 14 in New York's Upper East Side.

Journalist Brooke Harrington tweeted regarding the controversy that Trump buried his ex-wife in NJ golf just for tax breaks.

She said that she had checked the NJ tax code & folks & it's a trifecta of tax avoidance & property, income & sales tax, are all eliminated.

Ivana's grave is near the first hole in the Trump National Golf Club, making her the first person to be buried in any Trump-owned golf course.

According to NPR 2012, Trump's intention was to build a mausoleum to one day be buried in himself.

However, he later amended his proposal to create a cemetery on the property to suggest building more than 1,000 possible graves."

Some reports also suggest that Trump also wanted to build a Trump Memorial site for  the family.