Chris Hemsworth’s phenomenal transformation for Thor: Love & Thunder came through by filling on  a lot of food.

Chris not only tolls hard to keep in shape for films, but he genuinely likes to be fit  in general.

However, for Thor: Love & Thunder, Hemsworth pushed extra hard to transform  into Thor.

The transformation is justified from the kind of appreciation he has been receiving worldwide.

Disclosing the details of how strenuous workout sessions used to get, Hemsworth talked about the challenges of packing on as many muscles as possible.

Luke Zochi, who trained Chris Hemsworth for the movie, disclosed that the actor had to consume  lots of healthy foods.

His goal was not to chase a buffed up look with less than 2,000 calories per day.

To chase that goal, Hemsworth used to have meals at frequent intervals, trying to limit his calorie intake to 450.

The training sessions usually were an hour long but high in intensity & gave ample time to the muscles to recover.

The training schedule was perfectly made to meet Hemsworth’s requirement to look suitable for the role.