DJI launched its new action camera, the Osmo Action 3, on September 14.

Design of the new Osmo Action 3 resembles the 2019 edition of  Osmo Action.

DJI's latest Action camera comes with two touch-sensitive screens & also supports voice control.

Osmo Action 3 comes with physical buttons to help users switch between the available modes.

Osmo Action 3 is a compact camera which includes a 12 MP sensor that offers up to 4K 120 FPS footage.

The new DJI device can also be mounted in both the 16:9 landscape and 9:16 vertical portrait- recording modes.

The Standard Combo Package of the Osmo Action 3 camera has  been priced at $329.

In this edition, users will get the camera, a quick-release clip, a battery, and a vertical mounting frame.

DJI also sells an Adventure Combo for this camera, which will cost  users $439.

With it will come two extra batteries and a charging case (used to charge up to three batteries), a spare clip  and a selfie stick.