Twitter is set for big changes in interface and to get new  features as well.

Twitter's CEO Elon Musk announced new changes in the platform's  user interface.

He also announced that the long-form text feature can also be rolled  out early in February.

In a recent tweet, Musk listed several changes in Twitter's UI that will  be introduced soon.

Musk said that users will now be able to swipe right/ left to move between recommended vs followed  tweets this week.

Musk also announced that Twitter will also roll out a Bookmark button soon.

Furthermore, long-form tweets are coming early in February that Musk announced in November last year.

The long-form tweets will allow users to post long-form text in their tweets, which currently have a character  limit of 280.

Recently, Twitter has brought some updated features, such as view count, & Twitter Blue that now has  some more benefits.

These benefits include an increased length of videos that can now be uploaded on the micro- blogging platform.